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Boarding life is the heart of NBIS and boarding staff play a pivotal role in the pastoral, social and emotional well being of their students. The boarding team is headed by the Principal who is supported by highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, including the House masters and House mistresses, Assistant House masters and mistresses, residential house staff, House-mothers and a range of support staff.

There are three boarding houses namely sudhama ,subhadra, sanjaya Kutera.The Girls International House (GIH), the Boys International House (BIH) and the Junior Boys International House. Each child is under the supervision and care of a Boarding Housemaster or Housemistress responsible for his or her specific age group. Each purpose-built boarding house provides modern amenities including attractive bedrooms accommodating two, three or four students, superb bath and shower facilities, comfortable common and recreational rooms, a quiet area and a Library.

Sudhama Kuteera

Subhadra Kuteera

Sanjaya Kuteera

Hostel Activities

Cafeteria- Akshaya

The cafeteria - where boarders relish the combination of excellent cuisine under a delightful company of friends and faculty members. World class kitchen where the staff is subject to periodic medical checkup to ensure optimum hygiene