International kindergarten Programme

Today, a classroom is a place where aspirations are nurtured-where passions of the young mind are ignited. It is here that a 'World of Fantasy' unfolds into 'Reality' leading them to knowledge empowerment.

Adequate knowledge access will be our broader perspective in the expedition - and 'knowledge empowerment' will predominate with 'Globe' as the central perspective.

Our constant endeavor will aid students specialise in varied angles and excavate into multiple intelligence leading to the formation of a sturdy academic spectrum on an elated platform.

ICSE junior + International Programme

19 commendable years in principle and practice the priority defined as-the elements of character building leading into appreciable quantum of 'Academic Excellence' combined with all round development of our student community.

NBRS is affiliated to Council for Indian School Certificate Examination(ICSE) New Delhi (Up to Std.X). Affiliation sought for ISC(10+2).

ICSE High School with Competitive Exams

A competitive examination is an examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades. If the examination is open for number of government and non-government sector positions, then the first candidates in ranks pass, the others are rejected. They are used as entrance examinations for university and college admissions.

The school is covering lots of syllabus to compete in competitive examinations.

CBSE High School with Competitive Exams

The school focuses on studying by finding and anticipating questions. The school looks at the course outline for major themes, formulates outline or concept map answers to your sample questions and organizes supporting evidence logically around a central argument.

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